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From: Ramzy Muliawan <ramzym-ctr@wikimedia.org>
Date: May 27, 2022 at 1:52:56 AM MDT
To: all-affiliates@lists.wikimedia.org, affiliates@lists.wikimedia.org
Subject: [All-affiliates] Movement Strategy Forum: you're invited!
Reply-To: Wikimedia Affiliates <all-affiliates@lists.wikimedia.org>

Dear Wikimedia Affiliates,

This is an invitation to try out a new space for truly multilingual collaboration: https://forum.movement-strategy.org/

We are starting a community review period of two months. If the community feedback is positive, the Forum will launch in August 2022 before Wikimania. If not, we will follow the feedback received, changing the proposal or closing it. You can read the full proposal in this Meta-wiki page.

Looking forward to your first impressions!

Best regards,

Ramzy Muliawan (he/him)
Movement Strategy and Governance Facilitator, Wikimedia Foundation
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