Hello Colorado Wikipedians!

My apologies that I haven't met many of you before or been very active on this list. I've been editing Wikipedia for 12 years, and living in Colorado for 38. I'm hoping maybe Coloradan to Coloradan you can help me out with some advice. 

I've been trying to think of novel micropayment applications, and was thinking it would be really cool if in addition to the "thank" link on diffs there was also a "tip" link to send a small tip to the editor making the tip-worthy edit. 

Along these lines, I have three questions/requests. 

(1) Can any one envision, or do you have objections to something like this? If I stretch me imagination a bit, I can see some of the objections Wikipedias have raised regarding CoI or other paid-editing scenarios applying here (e.g. it would be a round-about way for entities to pay for editors). I think the incentive of encouraging good edits would out-weigh the risks, and the diffs are the right place to do it (e.g. not on a user page or something like that). What do you think? 

(2) What would be the right way to propose such a feature to Wikimeda? If there's no obvious right way, would what be the wrong ways to avoid?

(3) Building on (2) what would be your suggestions on how to develop this with an eye for adoption on Wikipedia? Does it make the most sense to build it on a small independent Mediawiki and then have it ready for adoption on Wikimedia? (what I'm planning to do) or is there something else that makes more sense?


- Craig