Dear Olfa,

Thank you very much for your email.

Re spam emails: this mailing list is an official Wikimedia mailing list hosted by the WMF like all the other WMF mailing lists. In order to avoid receiving our emails in the spam folder we invite you to set the sender as not a spam and the problem will be resolved.

Re Ayoub's idea to prepare an annual plan: I totally agree with Ayoub and we can discuss the annual plan during our next WikiIndaba meeting (to be announced soon).

Re the WM Conf: As per email we didn't decide yet who is going with Habib and whoever is interested from the Active Woman has to add his name in the link that I have share. We have informed the organizer that official list of participants will be communicated next week and we kindly asked them to remove the names (probably added by error) until our community make a final agreement. I personally invite you to add your name and our community will decide who will go to the conference.

Regarding Habib's participation, as a new member to this group, you have to know that he doesn't need to express his interest due to the nature of this conference (different from Wikimania and other conferences) which is dedicated to discuss the foundation policy with the different groups and chapters and by being the co-founder of the group he has to assist !


Le vendredi 5 janvier 2018 à 21:43:43 UTC+1, Yakoubi Olfa <> a écrit :

Dear all wikimedia Tunisia members ;
first of all happy new year for all members, I hope this year will be better than the last year  for all members and for the user group.
As a new member I have some comments, suggestions and questions
the first thing, I receive all email of Yamen in the spam, It is  better to use a gmail account. 
second, the idea of Ayoub to prepare an annual plan for the activities of the user group, it is a great idea, I think it's time to prepare a program of activities, and I am ready to help building this program .
the third thing, about the wikinidaba conference, I have a question about how participants from Tunisia can attend the event ? we should answer this form or not?I hope I can attend this conference this year. and if there is no problem, can we receive an update about the organisation of the event 
the fourth thing,about the wikimedia conference, congratulation for Habib Mhenni , but it is better to express your interest, before taking this decision alone, and I think no member will refuse your candidacy,we know you are a founding member ,but this reason do not give you the right to impose this decision on the group, about the second participant, I see the name of Afek in the list of particpants , but she did not express her interest  and the end date is 12/01/2018,can we know how this decision was made?if there is no decision , it is better to remove her name from the list until the end date, if there is no volunteer, she can register for the event, by the way, only organisers team should edit this list.

2018-01-04 16:29 GMT+01:00 Emna Mizouni <>:
Active women in our group, manifestez vous J 
Last year, Meriem Machgouhl represented us. I believe, she could help this year's candidate with her remarks. 

For reference, the list of members could be found here


On Thu, Jan 4, 2018 at 1:38 AM, yamen bousrih <> wrote:
Dear members of the WM TN UG,

Happy New Year 2018 ! 

The Wikimedia Conference 2018 will be held this year as usual in Berlin (April 2018) and I'm glad to inform you that a scholarship is available for one non-male member to assist to the conference with Habib Mhenni who as a cofounder of the WM Tn UG will represent our group.

The ideal candidate should be 

  • involved in the decision making processes of the organization,
  • striving to help shape the future of the movement,
  • or partnerships specialists,
  • or program leaders

If you are interested to assist to the conference, please add your name to this page: https://meta.wikimedia.o rg/wiki/Wikimedia_Tunisie/Wiki media_Conference_2018

If there are more than one candidate, all Tn Wikimedians are invited to support one candidate with a deadline of the 12/01/2018.


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