Dear Paola Stablum,

On behalf of the Wikimedia TN User Group, I express our thanks.
We will discuss this collaboration internally and we will recall you back as soon as possible.

Best regards,

Habib Mhenni

2018-03-28 12:11 GMT+01:00 Paola Stablum <>:
Dear members of the user groups Tunisia,

my name is Paola Stablum and I am Project Manager at Media in
Cooperation and Transition, a German NGO working in Media Development.
I received your contact from Wikimedia Germany because we are starting a
project in Sudan where, under one of the project's components, we aim at
providing training on editing Wikipedia content.

According to Amazon figures, Wikipedia is the sixth-most popular site in
Sudan, with internet users returning to the site up to three times a
day. A large number of entries on the site, however, particularly the
ones concerned with issues relating to rural areas, remain mere stubs,
lacking reliable information and credible sources. Our action will
address this gap by identifying and working with three Sudanese
Wikipedia editors, who will then  conduct a number of local workshops on
editing Wikimedia content.

Wikimedia Germany indicated the Tunisian users group as one of the more
active in the arabic section. Therefore, we would be really glad to get
in contact with you in order to explore possibilites of collaboration.

The experience and knowledge of the Tunisian users group would be
important especially in the  first phase of the project (training the
local trainers) and we would be really glad to discuss the details of
our project over Skype or telephone with you.

I am looking forward to your feedback.

Best regards,
Paola Stablum

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Paola Stablum
Project Manager, EU Projects
Media in Cooperation and Transition gGmbH
Brunnenstraße 9
10119 Berlin, Germany

P +49 30 4849 302 21
M +49 178 19 74 613
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GPG ID: 0x49583EA5
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