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Habib M'henni

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Date : 10 mars 2018 6:08 PM
Objet : #VisibleWikiWomen campaign begins!
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Hi Habib,

Two days ago we launched our first ever #VisibleWikiWomen challenge (from 8 - 31 March) that will seek to make women more visible in Wikipedia and on the broader internet.

Join us in this campaign so that the faces of the remarkable women of the present and throughout history can be fully seen on Wikipedia!

We know your March is likely to be full of events celebrating women! As part of your March events, we invite you to gather and share quality images under free licenses via Wikimedia Commons, so that these can be used to illustrate biographies of women on Wikipedia. These can be photographs or drawings of women, or images of their work, with proper consent. You can see some of the images already gathered under the category VisibleWikiWomen.  

Please let us know if you would like to be listed as a partner or promote your events as part of this campaign.

Resources to help

Here is your #VisibleWikiWomen resource kit:

In these documents, you will find instructions and advice to make notable women more visible on Wikipedia and in the world!  If you need inspiration, here are some lists of missing women on Wikipedia. Please suggest more figures you want to make visible too.

Story contest

Finally, don’t miss our #VisibleWikiWomen story contest! We’d love to hear the story behind the images you upload, and share it with the world on Facebook to inspire others as well.

Spread the word

Feel free to share this email and other information with your networks. And we look forward to joining the conversation with you on social media this March.

#VisibleWikiWomen, #WikiGap, #8M, #Wiki4Women

Whose Knowledge on Twitter and Facebook

Looking forward to a great March together!