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Le 25 oct. 2017 20:25, "Sami Mlouhi" <> a écrit :

Lu et approuvé. 
Sinon je tiens à la poste de CC coordinator et mercii Yamen pour le recap. 


2017-10-24 22:51 GMT+01:00 yamen bousrih <>:
Dear TN Wikimedians,

Many Thanks to all the Wikimedians who were present on the 14/10/2017 for the community meetup. I will share here the main actions and decisions taken during the meeting.

As announced before the meetup took place at the Diocesan Library of Tunis - Rue Sidi Saber Medina Tunis with the presence of the following wikimedians:
  • Afek Ben Chahed (User:Afek91)
  • Emna Mizouni ( User:Emnamizouni)
  • Habib Mhenni (User: Dyolf77)
  • Jamel Ben Saidaane (User:Wildtunis)
  • Sami Mlouhi (User:Sami_Mlouhi)
  • Yamen Bousrih (User:Yamen)
  • Zeineb Takouti (User:Zeinebtakouti)

During the meeting we went through the proposed agenda and the following decisions have been taken:

1-make clear to all members of the group the importance of complying with the Friendly space policy of Wikimedia Foundation and share with them the below links related to the Community health initiative and the Friendly space policy:

2-do not recommend to wikimedians to received financial grants without going through a fiscal sponsor in order to avoid any potential legal issues and to provide transparency regarding how the Foundation ressources are being spent.

3-confirm that CLibre is still our partner Fiscal Sponsor and that there are no issues between the Group and CLibre

4-remind the Tn wikimedians of the importance of the voluntary involvement in the movement and avoid looking forward to receiving funds or travel scholarships.

5-keep the Non Hierarchical Organisation of the group but with the necessity to define a list of positions and coordinators. The following positions have been suggested during the meeting:
  • Spokesperson of the group ==> mission: represent and promote the group by being in contact with national/international media
  • GLAM Coordinator ==> mission: promote GLAM projects, set in place wikimedians in residence, build partnerships with GLAM institutions
  • Education Program Coordinator ==> mission: promote the Education Program, build partnerships with universities and set in place an education program and campus ambassadors.
  • Creative Commons Coordinator ==> mission: promote the CC licence and make sure that the licence is not breached for the content coming from Wikimedia projects.
  • Wiki Contest Coordinator ==>mission: promote and follow up of the different Wiki Contests in Tunisia.

Some wikimedians have been nominated by the participants to hold the above positions from now to the end of next year 2018 (several persons can hold the same position) . These nominated wikimedians are :

  • Spokesperson of the group ==> Emna Mizouni + Habib Mhenni + Yassine Tounsi 
  • GLAM Coordinator ==> Emna Mizouni +Zeineb Takouti +Youssef Ben Saad
  • Education Program Coordinator ==> Afek Ben Chahed+Houcemeddine Turki
  • Wiki Contests Coordinator ==>  Hamed Gaamoun + Zeineb Takouti + Afek Ben Chahed
  • Creative Commons Coordinator ==> Sami Mlouhi

If there is no opposition from the nominated wikimedians to their respective positions, business cards will be issued and send to each coordinator ==> Emna, Habib, Yassine, Youssef, Afek, Houcemeddine, Hamed, Zeineb and Sami please confirm that you are happy to have the above positions so we can issue the group business cards.

6-Agree on the necessity to organise the social media accounts for the group:
  • Facebook : decision to have two admins (for security purpose) and several editors. The two admins will be Yamen and Emna and the current Editors are Mourad Ben Abdallah, Afek Ben Chahed, Hamed Gaamoun and Yassine Tounsi.
  • Twitter: keep the current tweeples (Yamen, Habib and Emna) with possibility to add new editors in the future
  • Instagram: new account to be created and access to be given for whoever is interested
  • Web Site: accounts can be requested from Habib in order to be able to post articles on the web site.
  • Mailing list: the mailing list is now hosted by the foundation and all messages are public. New joiners will be asked to present themselves (wiki user).

7-Finish the WikiIndaba grant and submit it before the 15/10, agree on the final dates, location and project coordinator: it has been decided that the conference will take place in Tunis on the 16-18 of March and Zeineb Takouti will be the project manager. Although some members have been listed as part of the organising team, the team is still open and any interested wikimedians (Tunisians or not) are more than welcome. New meetup to be setup to follow up the grant and the organisation team.

Happy to receive your feedback on the above decision.


Le jeudi 12 octobre 2017 à 22:16:15 UTC+2, yamen bousrih <> a écrit :

Dear TN wikimedians,

As announced previously we would like to have a meetup this saturday 14th of Oct in Tunis in order to discuss the group organisation and the ongoing/future activities of the group.

Below more details about the meetup and the agenda:

-Date & Time: Saturday 14/10/2017 - 3 pm
-Location:  Diocesan Library of Tunis - Rue Sidi Saber Medina Tunis -  (on Google map)
  • Introduction to the Wikimedia friendly space policy and Wikimedia Foundation's Community health initiative
  • Group organisation and responsibilities
  • Wiki Loves Monument
  • Wiki Loves Africa
  • WikiIndaba 2018
  • other activities
  • AOB
Looking forward to meeting you on Saturday.


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