Thank you All for your comments and feedback.

I will contact all the Wikimedians mentioned below in order to agree with them on the personal data (email (an address will be created), mobile number, twitter ...) that will be added to the business cards that should be ready soon.

To sum up the positions that we have agreed on:

 ==> Positions:
  • Official Spokesperson of Wikiemdia Tunisia ==> Emna Mizouni  + Yassine Tounsi + Habib Mhenni
  • GLAM Coordinator ==> Emna Mizouni +Zeineb Takouti +Youssef Ben Saad + Houcemeddine Turki
  • Education Program Coordinator ==> Afek Ben Chahed+Houcemeddine Turki
  • Wiki Contests Coordinator ==>  Hamed Gaamoun + Zeineb Takouti + Afek Ben Chahed
  • Creative Commons Coordinator ==> Sami Mlouhi

==> Wikimedians (alphabetic order):

Afek Ben Chahed   

Education Program Coordinator

Wiki Contests Coordinator 

Emna Mizouni    

Wikimedia TN Official Spokesperson 

GLAM Coordinator 

Hamed Gaamoun   

Wiki Contests Coordinator

Habib Mhenni    

Co-founder of Wikimedia Tn User Group
Wikimedia TN Official Spokesperson

Houcemeddine Turki

GLAM Coordinator 

Education Program Coordinator

Sami Mlouhi

Creative Commons Coordinator

Yassine Tounsi   

Wikimedia TN Official Spokesperson 

Youssef Ben Saad

GLAM Coordinator 

Zeineb Takouti

GLAM Coordinator 

Wiki Contests Coordinator 

To the Wikimedians listed above: please feel free to add these positions to your LinkedIn / Twitter / Facebook profiles. This will add more visibility to the Group and will make it clear for people who would like to contact you.

Please note that it's fine to have more than one coordinator per program in order to foster more initiatives in different regions (which is one of our main objectives especially for GLAM and Education).


Le vendredi 3 novembre 2017 à 15:02:01 UTC+1, Yassine Tounsi <> a écrit :

السلام عليكم,
شكرا يامن على ملخص الإجتماع. ليس لي إعتراض على جملة القرارات.

On 3 November 2017 at 13:30, hamed gamaoun <> wrote:
Hi Yamen, 

Read and Approved,  I'm confirming my commitment in the positions mentioned and I would like to help Sami in promoting  the CC licence.


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