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"African Hour is back!

Date: Sunday, June 10th, 2018 

Time: 15:00 GMT (16:00 Lagos, 18:00 Amman)

The African Hour is aimed at bringing the African community members together through periodic office hours in order to:

- Share updates, constraint and highlights of our activities.
- Ask and take questions from community members.
- Discuss topics and collaborate.


- Wiki Indaba follow up - what are some of the action items that came out of Tunis that the African community needs help with?
- Wikimania - what can we do to help?
- Creation of new communities - what can we do to help Benin, Chad, Tanzania, Uganda, Libya?
- WikiProject called “The AfroCine Project” - Sam Oye (Nigeria) 
- Anthere - the launch of Wiki Loves Women in Uganda and Tanzania. What is planned globally ? 

Google Hangout on Air:
Youtube Live:



Please join us and reach out with any questions. Can you help us spread the word? It would be great for all our African communities to know about this and to join if they can. 

The African Hour Committee"

Best regards
Emna Mizouni

Founder President - Carthagina
Spokeswoman - Wikimedia TN User Group
Vice-Curator - Global Shapers Tunis Hub - WEF
Vice-Chair- Affiliations Committee - Wikimedia Foundation

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