Dear Members,

We received an email from Nicole Ebber from the Movement Strategy Core Team to inform us that they have chosen Tunis to hold on 
September 20-22 a "harmonization sprint" where working group members come together to harmonize their groups' recommendations to one coherent set of recommendations for structural changes in our movement.

Nicole suggested in her email to schedule a social activity on the 20th of September to connect with our group during an evening of local food and culture.

The event will be organised by us and funded via a grant that we will submit to the foundation once we assessed the budget related to this social event.

In order to be able to plan this event I would like to invite you to fill this forms as soon as you can if you are interested to attend the event.

We expect to have 50 people from Strategy Groups to attend this social event with us.

Also if you have suggestions where to have this social event and enjoy a good local food and culture with our fellow wikimedians please don't hesitate to share your ideas.

The members of the strategy groups will be hosted in the Gammarth El Mouradi Hotel and they don't have a bus to move far from there so if we are going to choose a place not in the hotel area we need to think to hire a bus for them or ask the strategy group to do that by their own.

I think that maybe it will be easy if we can plan something near to the hotel e.g. Bab Bahr, Yuka, Jobi .... we can contact these places to privatise an area. Nevertheless if you have other ideas please share them.

Also if someone from the group would like to take the lead to organise this event, please raise your hand !

For the members that are not in Tunis, they are of course welcomed and we will make sure to take into account the expenses related to their transportation to come to Tunis from their Tunisian cities. 

Final comment: since the event is in the evening (~ 20:00) maybe we (Tunisian members) can gather before that to discuss the bylaws shared recently.

About the "harmonization sprint"

Several wikimedians from different countries and organisations will be present at this event where they will try to harmonize their groups' recommendations to one coherent set of recommendations.

We expect around ~40 people from the working group, the core team, the WMF and external support to participate in that event so a total of around 60 people.

The event is invitation only thus the purpose to have a separate social event with our group. 

The Strategy Core Team considered several cities and they decide to hold this event in Tunis as they kept very good souvenirs from WikiIndaba last year and this is an honor for our country and our group. 

Since some attendees need a visa, the organisers of the event asked CLibre to provide some invitation letters which CLibre did promptly (Thanks CLibre!).