I write this message in English, because I send it to two mailing lists (commons-l and wikimedia-sk). It is related to Commons and to Slovakia. At this page is gallery of coats of arms of Slovak bishops. Almost all are unofficial, the official ones were uploaded by me after e-mail permissions from bishops. Official CoAs from sites of dioceses are here:
These are missing: Viliam Judák, Vladimír Filo, František Rábek. But they as well as bishops emeriti and Slovak bishops abroad are listed here:
http://www.kbs.sk/obsah/sekcia/h/konferencia-biskupov-slovenska/p/biskupi and links.
My questions:
What is situation in other countries? Are files in http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Coats_of_arms_of_bishops_by_country mostly official or not? Please select one country and describe it when responding. I am interested in officiality, naming convention and file format of CoAs, as well as whether all files respect them. As for Slovakia I can say:
1. There are two naming convention: File:Biskup_Surname_Name_CoA.jpg (or without "_CoA"), used by Tomas.urban; and File:COA_bishop_SK_Surname_Name.png, used by GiMa38.
Files uploaded by other editors usually don't respect either of them, with exception of CoAs of Lach uploaded by me. Some are named File:Coat_of_arms_of_Name_Surname.svg (Korec, Tomko, Lach and old* Chautur). Some old* CoAs were uninteresting for Tomas.urban, they are uploaded by another editor with different naming convention.
2. All files uploaded by Tomas.urban and GiMa38 are unofficial. SVG versions of Korec and Tomko are very close to official. JPG versions of Vasiľ and Lach are official. Old* CoA of Babjak is scan of official version. GiMa38 uploads only shield, because he uploads CoAs of historic bishops and their insignia are complex.
3. Chairman of Wikimedia Slovakia gave no advice to me for this topic. I only don't understand Tomas.urban, who uploaded CoAs for many (not all!) Slovak bishops (he is Czech) with unofficial template, but he uploaded OFFICIAL CoA of Czech bishop Hučko, while not being its author! He uploaded CoAs of other Czech bishops, their officiality I don't examine. If you are Czech, I will appreciate your reply.

*old = unused due to change of bishop's office (when bishop is retired or changed his CoA)

Off-topic: I like logo of Wikimedia Slovakia. It is ambigram: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Wikimedia_Slovakia_logo.svg
This is ambigram too: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Miss_World_logo.svg
When WMSK becomes regular division of Wikimedia Foundation (now it isn't), will it keep its logo or adopt logo of WMF?

Thank you for reading. Be happy!