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From: wikimedia-sk []
Sent: Wednesday, May 10, 2017 1:36 AM
Subject: It's also slow as fuck.


in my opinion, the conquest gamemode is at its best competitively when players are only allowed to spawn at flags they control, because it makes it a game of area control as opposed to a deathmatch. spawning on squad leaders, or squad members, is a compromise that improves the experience of the individual at the sake of overall gameplay, and i can understand the desire for that. spawn beacons, gunship spawns, random paradrops, launch pods etc. further dilute conquest gameplay, because you cant control large areas when the enemy spawns in unpredictable directions. if anything, i think tickets should simply deplete more quickly when all flags are controlled by the enemy. you shouldnt let the enemy take all of your flags and if you do you should probably lose.


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