Howdy All,
I'll be brief. Roughly a year ago the Foundation moved to a new office in San Francisco and inherited a "server room" full of equipment.  Some of it has been put to use over the last year, some of it hasn't.  I do contract work for the Foundation and one of my side projects is cleaning up the space.  We'd love to make it more useful, and we can't do that with a bunch of gear sitting about. As such, I've made a sizeable list of gear that the Foundation would love to donate to a good home.  Right now the list contains an assortment server related goodies, including 2 post rack shelves (count 60+), CAT5 patch panels, wire dividers, 42U Racks and some other goodies.  You can find the entire list on Meta [1] (which I hope is an acceptable place to keep it).

As noted, all the equipment is located here in San Francisco, and unfortunately there isn't time (or space) to pack it up for shipping - so it is available by pickup only (hence why I'm only mailing sf & ca lists).  I'm happy as long as the equipment finds a home, but If you happen to know a non-profit that might be interested (even better!), please forward this message along to them - or let me know.  I'll be happy to try and work it out with them.



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