On Wed, Dec 19, 2012 at 4:41 PM, Michael C. Berch <mcb@postmodern.com> wrote:
 There are no legal or financial stakes, the issue of "municipalities" is an irrelevant triviality, and it just serves to annoy people.

Michael C. Berch

There most certainly are legal and financial stakes. An incorporated organization costs a not insignificant amount of resources and cash to maintain even before they do anything at all. This is especially true when you are spanning multiple diverse jurisdictions (such as states or countries) and have to know at least some of the laws of each. I don't think towns/cities are a major problem. I'm sure it will be an added wrinkle given that the jurisdiction overlaps the foundations offices itself.

I'm not saying chapters shouldn't be allowed, just like I said above, I just don't like the idea of such large ones. I don't think it's that beneficial.


James Alexander