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On Jan 30, 2012, at 1:47 PM, Jon Davis wrote:

No, she unsub'd nettemor user who emailed the list to ask.  If you get this message, you're still sub'd.

On Mon, Jan 30, 2012 at 13:43, John O'Connell <> wrote:
"You talkin' to me!?!"  (from "Taxi Driver")

Phoebe - (& Pete)

wasn't sure if you're e-mail meant that I am also now unsubscribed from the -- San Francisco Bay Area Wikimedians <> -- list?

If so, I'll sign up again. 

also, I'll be glad to help as a meeting facilitator (my former career before World Peacemaker!) and to plan/organize the meeting.  I still have a few thoughts for improvement from the Wiki 10th event.


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Would somebody please tell me how to unsubscribe?

On Sun, Jan 29, 2012 at 12:06 PM, Pete Forsyth <>

Dear Mr. Parker,

Welcome to the list -- and, your vote of confidence in a west coast wiki
conference is very encouraging. I'm very glad to hear the idea appeals to

Judging from past RCC efforts, the first important step is to build some
consensus for a vision, including a strong local volunteer base in a
specific city, venue ideas, event format, etc.

If you have ideas around that, please jump in with them! Or, if you're
purely interested as a potential funder, that is very welcome news; but it
will take a little time before we have a coherent proposal to bring to you.
We will certainly get back in touch if and when plans start to firm up!

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On Jan 29, 2012, at 10:57 AM, Sean Parker wrote:

I would be open to provide financing for a West coast event

To: <>; San
Francisco Bay Area Wikimedians <>
Sent: Sat Jan 28 18:23:21 2012
Subject: [Wikimedia-SF] Time for a wiki conference on the west coast?

Hey all,

Recently, the idea of a RecentChangesCamp in Portland, San Francisco,
Seattle, or elsewhere on the west coast has popped up on the RCC-planning
mailing list.

For those who don't know, RCC is one of the longer-standing wiki
conferences, and has been held in Portland more than anywhere else. The last
Portland one was in 2008; it's also been held in Montreal (x2), Camberra,
Australia (x2), Boston, and Palo Alto.

I think it's fantastic that this community remembers Portland so fondly,
and is so interested in having a conference there. And there's clearly a
very fertile soil in SF as well. From past experience, this conference only
happens if there is strong local will to pull it off. But if that exists,
there is a good core, international group of volunteers who will help out,
and provide insights from past events.

At the same time, it seems to me that the wiki world has evolved since RCC
was first held. There are now several similar models, including the
WikiConference (the Wikimedia movement's name for regional conferences; one
was held last year in San Francisco); WikiSym (an academic conference about
online collaboration, which has grown to include an Open Space component
like RCC). Also, the PortlandWiki grown up since the last one, and has found
some solid allies and beneficiaries in independent groups like Occupy and
Portland Afoot.

So, my question is: do people feel like putting together a wiki conference
in 2012? And is RCC a good model for doing that?

I'd highly recommend joining the RCC-planning email list and discussing
there, so that we don't get separate discussions


p.s. As an aside, I recently set up an IRC channel : #wikimedia-westcoast.
While I know that many of you are more "wiki" people than "Wikimedia"
people, I hope this is a useful tool for networking -- if you're an IRC
user, please join us and say hi sometime!
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