Hi again Phoebe -

How many people do you think would attend a 'meet up?'  what would the general purpose be?  Just to get to know one another? or ...?

I have an office in the Presidio, but I don't know if it would be big enough, depending..

Thanks for keeping the list.


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On Oct 13, 2011, at 8:18 AM, phoebe ayers wrote:

Hi all!

I am the moderator for this list (Wikimedia-SF) which doesn't require
very much work except for deleting spam. But as you can see I do
sometimes get behind (hence Sarah's message from the 29th just getting

1) if anyone wants to volunteer to help moderate the list just let me
know! It would also be great to get some help (whether you are an
official moderator or not) with promoting this list/group to other
SF-Bay area contributors who may not know about it.

2) and even more importantly, we are long overdue for a meetup in the
greater SF region. The last meetup was in Berkeley -- thanks Asaf! But
it would also be nice to start having meetups in SF, the South Bay, or
even Sacramento again...
Anyone can organize a meetup -- pick a date, place, and list it here:
You can also ask for ideas and help on this list.


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