I'm initiating the 10th gathering for SF

it is about 16th or 22nd

I wonder if the strategy wiki thing can be part of the motive :P

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On Sat, Aug 1, 2009 at 02:18, Eugene Eric Kim <> wrote:
Hi everybody,

I'm leading the Wikimedia Strategic Planning initiative, which we
launched earlier this month:

One of our big goals is to engage as many folks as possible. There
will be a bunch of global initiatives, and since I'm here in SF, I
also plan on doing some local things as well.

I'm planning a small, all-day gathering for our project team on
Wednesday in SF, and would love to have a few of you join us. If
you're available, drop me an email. If you're not, but you'd like to
get more actively involved in general, or if you simply want to hear
more about the process, let me know.



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