The issue I've always had with IRC is that if you are not a gear-head, you really have never used it.  The logs are *mostly* either not indexed at Google, or not even kept at all, so you cannot link to a discussion of what this one or that one said, and you cannot read those discussions.

Yes I'm aware that *some* chats are being logged.

If the community wants to *reach out* to all the non technologists, IRC is not the way to reach.

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On 7/29/13 8:12 PM, Jeremy Baron wrote:

> I think IRC's not too scary if there's an appointed meeting time with
> people that are guaranteed to be friendly and helpful and there's only
> one channel to have to pay attention to. It's easy to make a webchat
> link with the fields all pre-filled (e.g. with the channel name. or
> even IRC nick)

IRC is not scary for you, but it is a significant barrier to anyone who 
doesn't already know it. So, no, I personally will not be organizing any 
"meetings" on IRC. YMMV.