After reading it, there's also the possibility that you could take pictures on behalf of an educational entity (school, WMF as a secondary education facility), and state that you'll be posting them on Wikipedia.Since contributing to Wikipedia is an educational activity. As a student, the photography permit  is only 25 dollars, and you get a BART escort, I think.

Jon <> wrote:
Howdy All,
I just thought I'd share a little bit of information with everyone relating to Photography on BART.  According to the BART permits page ( ): "If you are a paying passenger making your way from point A to point B, then there is no specific prohibition to taking photographs in areas that are accessible to the public provided you do not appear to be a security threat, involved in a commercial activity or harassing other riders."  So as a member of the transit riding public - you can take pictures without a permit.  Though I suggest if you plan on taking any amount of photos around BART - keep a printed out copy of this page handy.

The reason I share this is because I had not previously been aware of the rules, after all it is PUBLIC transit so I treated it as any PUBLIC location. While I've taken hundreds of pictures on, around and of the BART system today I had an interesting run in with a station agent.  The agent asked me what I was doing (after I had taken a picture of the ticket gates).  I explained to her that I was taking a picture for my own personal use (me being artsy and all).  She informed me that it was against the rules (possibly law, I don't remember) to take pictures on any mass transit system and then threatened to have me arrested, demanded to see my ID... and all that fun stuff.  I managed to escape the cops or arrest (barely), but that isn't the point here.

Anyways, I just wanted to let everyone know, since I know I've emailed about the lack of pictures on Commons of Bay Area topics, and specifically BART stations. So just be careful if you do take pictures around BART - you might end up in jail.  (Hey, it's a free country, they can arrest you for no good reason).

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