Hello Bay Area Wikipedians!

Some of you know me through Wikipedia. Others through the Sudo Room hackerspace, and others more through the Oakland Wiki/Local Wiki. It has been a while since I've posted on this list. Hi! :]

Some of you might also be interested in the Mapping Educational Ecosystems Project (MEEP)'s mapping party, East Bay edition. They will be using Oakland Wiki and Local Wiki to highlight local educational resources across intersections of age, space, time and more. Below is the invite!

WHEN: June 21st, 10a-5:30p
WHERE: South Berkeley Public Library // The Internet
RSVP: link below


I'd love for you to join us for MEEP: Mapping Educational Ecosystems Project's first community learning lab. 

MEEP aims to help solve one of today’s biggest challenges - how to build learning institutions that work for people at all stages of life, from birth until natural death. Our core values are rooted in community informatics and the knowledge sharing revolution, which is at the heart of Oakland Wiki. 

At our lab, we'll map our community's educational ecosystem, its many centers for learning and teaching. We'll also practice cooperative learning techniques such as spatial mapping, visual thinking, and affinity mapping. Our community learning lab is on 21 June 2014 from 10:00 - 5:30 pm at the South Berkeley Public Library

As a participant, you'll enrich our community's lens for education and spread the word and worldview of community informatics. You'd also find allies and form natural partnerships with individuals and organizations that promote community learning. Plus, you'll eat tasty treats! 

If you can join us, please RSVP. If have any questions or feedback, please email me.

Paz, Darshan
darshancampos at gmail dot com