I'd them who is incharge of the meetup should pick a date.  I think weekend of the 12-14 is probably not a good idea due to St Patrick's day.  Otherwise I'd say anything works (my vote is March 6th).

Don't tweet at Cary, he shuns the twitter.  Identica is the answer.


On Mon, Feb 15, 2010 at 23:04, James Salsman <jsalsman@gmail.com> wrote:
Micha & all,

Is half a month away too early to ask people to list their preferred
dates and/or times on:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Meetup/San_Francisco_12 ?

I tried to carry as much of the results forward from Meetup_11 as I
could.  _13 is set for April 10th on Angel Island. The only non-active
part scheduled, is proofreading (or, finishing) stuff for Maker Faire
that didn't get finished online or at _12.

To that end, should we try to do as much as the preparation on line
beforehand as possible?  There are ideas for everyone.  Some of them
are linked to completed projects, some of them are completely new,
some of them are in between, and some of them I don't really

Also, I tried to tweet you and Cary -- are we allowed to use the
Office again?  Many of us didn't get to see the big conference room
which was reserved for the Board meeting during _11.  As far as I can
remember, everyone behaved in an exemplary manner, so I hope so.

James Salsman

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