If people are interested in doing it jointly, I might be game.

In addition to some relevant Wikipedia experience, I've got a lot of experience with on-line community, real-world cooperatives, open-source development, and Agile software development methods. I think the first three of those were influences on Wikipedia, and all of them share a bottom-up, fluid approach to power.

My day job is helping teams adopt Agile approaches, so I've had a fair bit of practice explaining do-ocracies and ad-hocracies.  I may be able to find a game that other Agile coaches use to demonstrate the feel of it.


Robert Rohde wrote:
Like George, I'm local and have a long Wikipedia resume (~6 years).

I've always enjoyed talking about Wikipedia and don't get enough
opportunities to do that, so this could be fun.

On site I've often gravitated towards policy issues, though I tend not
to dip too deeply into dispute resolution / arbitration most of the
time, so there may well be better people to choose.  Anyway, I'm happy
to discuss it.

-Robert Rohde

On Mon, Jul 6, 2009 at 3:00 PM, George Herbert<george.herbert@gmail.com> wrote:
On Mon, Jul 6, 2009 at 2:27 PM, Sheila
Purcell<SPurcell@sanmateocourt.org> wrote:
Thank you Michael and all-

I am happy to speak by phone with anyone who may wonder what this is about
before they offer to help further. I can be reached at 650 363-4148.

I have confirmed Colin Rule from EBay/Paypal speaking on Nov. 2nd about
Online dispute resolution at EBay. I recognize Wikipedia encounters a very
different set of dispute issues.

I would like to explore whether there might be an interesting case study
that a speaker and I could work up to help these second and third year law
students with an interest in alternative dispute resolution grapple with how
to set up a dispute resolution system (that is outside the courts and the
commercial sector) that works well. I am curious about Wikipedia's efforts
on this.

I am afraid I can't offer money but I would be happy to take my guest out
for a meal in advance where we could discuss/prepare a bit.
If it doesn't work out I understand and thank you for considering the

Thanks again,
There may be someone else who's better qualified, but I am local and
this sounds interesting to me.

I've been with the Wikipedia project for about four years and am one
of the thousand-ish volunteer administrators.  I've worked on our
policy enforcement, policy development and conflict resolution issues
fairly actively, and have a long experience with other online
communities, dating back into the 1980s.

-george william herbert

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