Thanks for sharing this, Britta! That editathon at the Lab yesterday looks awesome! Is there a published list of articles that were worked on, or ones that still need improvement? 

For the 3/25 A+F event at SFAI, we are also looking for additional experienced editors who are interested in volunteering for any portion of the event to help new editors get acclimated. The event goes from 1 - 5 PM, and approximately 1:45 - 4/4:30 will be the main work time. If you are interested in helping with this, please let me know. Here again is the meetup page.

The SFAI community (myself included) is very excited to be hosting this event and we look forward to welcoming more local Wikimedians to our unique and inspiring space(s) to meet enthusiastic new editors! 

Not only is the editathon taking place inside an art installation, but the surrounding campus is an NRHP site, home to a mural by Diego Rivera, with great views of Alcatraz, and an incredible library and archive with an expansive and eclectic array of reference materials that could improve many a Wikipedia article, in particular on subjects involving art in California and the American West, and the work of women therein. 

If you are interested in digging deeper than the stacks, I added a section here to the meetup talk page for requests/inquiries for SFAI special collections and institutional archives - feel free to add to it if there is anything you are curious about/want to check out for references, and I will share it with our Librarian/Archivist to see what materials can be pulled in advance. 


2017-03-11 11:02 GMT-08:00 Britta Gustafson <>:
I just heard about this cool edit-a-thon tomorrow (Sunday March 12) from 1-4 pm at The Lab: - "a DIY campaign to improve archives on marginalized populations and address information gaps in our collective knowledge". The space is close to 16th St BART station:

More about that space: - and the wonderful historic building that it's in:

Then on Saturday March 25 from 1-5 pm, SF Art Institute is hosting an Art + Feminism edit-a-thon: - I think many of you have already heard about it, but sharing just in case. I'm really looking forward to it and hoping to see lots of new and experienced editors there!

Niki and I have been working on a detailed list of suggested articles to improve for that one: - which may be inspiring even if you can't attend in person. :)


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