Hi all,

Based on our discussions at the last meeting, and my back-of-the-envelope calculations from organizing similar events, I posted our notes on a draft budget here:

We have multiple steps to do, including:
* refining the budget -- for instance, we may decide we can't raise so much, or that we want a sliding registration fee
* determining sponsorship levels and potential sponsors
* asking sponsors for money
* finding a fiscal sponsor who can host our bank account and any monies received from sponsors

We need 2-3 (or more) dedicated volunteers to work on the above tasks! Please post on the wiki if you are interested in working on this aspect of the conference.

You won't be alone: Eugene Kim and I have both volunteered to work on this, and we both have conference financial planning experience. But we don't want to do it by ourselves! So if you want to take it on, great, and you're interested but unsure what to do we will help you out. It's not as scary as it seems!

Let me know/post on the wiki if you're interested.

-- phoebe