Dear Bay Area Wikimedians:

The Bay Area Wiki Salon has taken a short respite, and is back in action for May Day! 

Please join us for the next salon on Wednesday May 1st at the Wikimedia Foundation HQ, where we will focus on the topic of "Talk Pages and communication". This theme is inspired by the ongoing 2019 Talk Page Consultation (, and the awareness that communication is a complex, key component of the movement and our work.  

See below for more information and links, and we hope to see and communicate with you there!  

If you want to give a lightning talk or present something on this theme for the May Salon, please get in touch with the organizers via email or the Meetup page. 

Bay Area Wiki Salon - May 02019 Edition
+ Date: Thursday, May 1
+ Time: 6:00 - 8:30 PM
+ Focus: Talk Pages and other communi
+ Location: Wikimedia Foundation
+ Address: 120 Kearny Street, San Francisco
+ Meetup page:

Niki, on behalf of BAWS