Hi SF,

As you know Wikimedia-SF has had a booth at Maker Faire the past three years. Maker Faire is awesome! It's a fair amount of work to put together, however. Last year Jon Davis and I coordinated the booth. Unfortunately this year we have both been super busy all spring, and we missed the deadline for sending in the registration form. 

If anyone else is interested in leading the Maker Faire efforts, we could still ask if there are any last-minute places. But we would need to act very quickly -- so please speak up if you want to do this (or just do it -- contact info is on the website). And if no one is interested in leading the booth, we will take a break from Maker Faire this year (and return triumphantly next year???)


p.s. How would people feel about a get-together in a couple weeks ... the weekend of the 23rd? Maybe Sunday the 24th? It's been a long time since we've had a casual meetup.

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