Hello Historico-curious,

Do you often wonder what historical precedents have contributed to the current housing crisis? How do World War II-era booms weave into current displacement trends? What can the housing overcrowding, racism and displacement of yesterday tell us about today’s realities?

We’re excited to announce that the Prelinger Library has invited us to join them at the end of July for an editathon on gentrification in San Francisco! The Prelinger Library is a private collection of rare books, maps, zines and other ephemera held by Rick and Megan Prelinger, both “appropriation-friendly” librarians. Rick is well known in the film archive world for his fascinating collections of American home movies and for his work with the Internet Archive. Megan is a cultural historian, whose research and writing has ranged from artificial intelligence and information design to city planning and social theory. Megan will be curating a personalized collection of books and ephemera for us to use in our research.


Since the library study area is rather small, they have asked that we limit participant numbers. We’ve been hearing a lot of strong interest in this editathon, so in order to accommodate as many people as we can, we will be splitting research times into three groups:
  • Wednesday, July 23rd, 5-8:30 pm (6 spaces)
  • Saturday, July 26th, noon-3pm (12 spaces)
  • Saturday, July 26th, 3-6 pm (12 spaces)
Please RSVP either by emailing me privately or by adding your name to the wiki event page: <http://localwiki.net/sf/Gentrification_editathon>. Sign up for as many times as you'd like to attend, but if the slots get filled you may be asked to go to a less-popular time. Sorry! :P

301 8th Street (near Folsom Street)
Room 215
San Francisco, CA

The library collection is organized in order of proximity, starting with San Francisco and extending into outer space. :]

Let me know if you have any questions!

Take care,