First I'd like to say thank you to everyone that came.  I'd also like to thank the Board and Foundation staff that joined us.  Biggest meetup we've had in a long time.  I wasn't too sure how an agenda would work out with the ground, but everything seemed to have gone well enough, we got stuff done, and that's what is important.

Regarding pictures, generally I've posted what I've had w/o checking first.  People who don't want their pictures taken generally don't show up, or do a good job dodging the cameras.  Plus they can simply not be identified (or request image be deleted).

Below is my very brief notes that I scratched down from memory afterwards.  I've put them on the wiki.  If you have other notes of your own about specific topics, please feel free to update the wiki.  I know that I'm missing a lot of little bits and all sorts of details.

Once again, thanks all!

== Results ==

* Future Meetups:

** 12 - March - Micah Alpern-Malpern - Maker Faire Marketing

** 13 - April - James Salsman - Angel Island

** May - Maker Faire

** (Maybe) 14 - June - ShakataGaNai - USS Hornet

** 17 - September - Lucadealfaro - Google?

** We still need July, August, October, December (Assuming Nov is WCW)

* Maker Faire

** INTERACTIVE is the word of the day

** Hopefully contact O'Reilly to get a double wide/better space

** Games are important

*** Guess the WP language

*** Wiktionary tie definition game?

*** Touch screens would be AMAZINGLY useful

** Be "other project"-centric

** Wandering Commons photographers with Eye-Fi cards

*** Present live images from the cards, upload to commons

*** Have the ability to give short URLs?

** Have small macro object booth

*** Present images live, upload to commons

** Photo scavenger hunt/bingo

*** Scout Friday night and make something up?

*** Contact groups going to be there in advance and work something out?

*** Place "Q" Cards about. Little cards w/ logo and code to take pictures of

** "Make" stuff before hand (?)

** Marketing Materials:

*** posters

*** leaflets

*** 1-2page brochures

*** Maker Faire specific

*** booth setup

*** Visualizations

* Digital

* Analog (Posters)

*** Computer Displays

*** Trading Card Game

** Schedule Talks/Presentations/Howto's

*** Get a whiteboard to use

*** 15 minutes, tops

*** "Why it's cool" from the other projects

*** How to edit, and get someone from the audience to do so

*** How to upload on commons, get audience to do it

*** Give away more valuable swag for people that actually edit (T-shirts?)

** Swag?

*** Stickers

**** Mini-Commons!!!

*** Tshirts

*** Books (sell?)

** Volunteers Saturday & Sunday

*** 3 hour shifts

*** At least 2 people

*** 1 extra commons photog separate

*** One or two peoples help on Friday depending on complexity

** Visualizations

*** RC Always Popular

*** Commons featured pictures

*** Wandering commons photog uploads

*** LED RC?

*** What can we build/do that the office can put up?

*** How can we present the other projects?

** Donation jar for the loose change/cash that isn't "tacky" (Point of contention from years past)

* Wikimania SF

** Bid for 2012

** Research now is still useful

** Look at old bids, keep an eye on this years bids

** If Montreal gets 2011, might be difficult to get 2012

** Sponsorship will be important

** Expect up to 1000 people

** Find out how many people have gone each year

* WikiConfrence West

** Expect 100-200 people

** Unconference

** See if we can get one serious (scheduled) talk/demo from each project

** Usability project presentation

** Fall of 2010 - Early November

** Use as launching point for Wikimania 2012 bid

** Set date soon.

** Get a few people willing to "lead" the project

* Booze!

On Sat, Feb 6, 2010 at 21:37, Guillaume Paumier <> wrote:
On Sat, Feb 6, 2010 at 9:20 PM, Guillaume Paumier <> wrote:
> Just a quick heads-up to try and summarize what was discussed today. I
> see someone also added stuff to the meetup page, but I'm lazy so I'll
> just send a quick e-mail.

Btw, I forgot to ask. I had brought some stickers to use as name tags
for today's meetup; the stickers were of 2 colors, to distinguish
people who didn't want their picture to be published. Unfortunately,
we didn't use these stickers, so I don't know which pictures I can
publish and which I can't.

I usually prefer to have explicit consent, but I don't know what the
usual practice for SF meet-ups is. Would it be acceptable to give a
heads-up on this list, give people a week to say they don't want their
picture published, and assume that anyone else is ok with it?

Guillaume Paumier

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