Thanks for the advice, Tom. :-) The wife of one of the Wikimedia Foundation staff works at USGS, and she's coming to the Foundation soon to talk about earthquake preparedness. It's definitely a good idea for all of us to be thinking about this.


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My partner and I will be away on Feb. 6, hope to attend another Meetup in the future. And Wikimania sounds great, closer to SF and to public transit is better. (Sorry to be an SF ''chauvinist''.)
Editorial Comment -- Hopefully, the Wikimedia Board has contingency plans now that they've moved from FL to SF . . :)
I've been boring friends with this for three years, so take with as many grains as salt as you like. (And this has nothing to do with the current events in Haiti and Eureka CA . .)
Since November 2006, now more than 3 years ago, there have been small quakes every day in increasing numbers near Alum Rock Park, just outside of San Jose. There was a 4 on 10-30-2007 and another 3.5 a couple of weeks ago. This is where the Hayward and Calaveras faults meet (5 miles or so underground) --and where there hasn't been a major quake since 1868, so it's ''overdue''. (Nothing to see on, for instance, the Craigslist link to quakes, since the USGS map ''rolls over'' every few days. And nothing in the media, since most are small, no one pays attention to cumulative effect, and there is no recognized way to predict equakes.)
Always a good idea to check out or to review your plans . . . whether this current series equakes increases or fades away. I've lived here 33 years, and this is the first time I've seen a pattern like this.
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