On 1/30/12 2:29 AM, Erik Katz wrote:
I think a 2012 Westcoast Wikicon would be great.  I was really surprised we really did not have anything in SF for Wikipedia day.  I was at the Wiki-con 2011/ 10 anniversary party and it was awesome.  

If we want to do one, I got the perfect venue in downtown SF, TechShop.  Let me know, 

Hi Erik! Great to know TechShop is interested in being a potential host. Thank you! I'll add it to our list of potential spaces on the MeetingPlace pad. http://meetingwords.com/RccPlanning

A bummer that SF didn't have anything for Wikipedia Day. I did attend the event in NYC this weekend and had a great and inspiring time. Hopefully next year we'll have a party in SF!


Sarah Stierch
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