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I’m Merrilee, and I work at a non profit that supports libraries – we are based in Central Ohio, but also have an office in San Mateo. I’d be happy to host an edit-a-thon and to reach out to our members that have archival and library collections featuring women (particularly those that have online content in the public domain) to provide fodder. I am a Wikipedia newbie, but we are hoping to develop a Wikipedian in Residence position this summer. I would love to work with a local partner to do something. So Asaf, I’d be interested in being a partner in crime!





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I don't have time to actually _produce_ or plan anything, but I'm happy to help out if someone else is.  I can deliver outreach talks on a variety of topics, or co-tutor at a practical workshop.





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Hi everyone,

I finally joined this list the other day! So hello! I'm Sarah, a long time Wikipedian and I'm serving as a community fellow at the Foundation, focusing on gender gap work. I actually split my time between Washington DC and San Francisco, where my family lives. I'm wrapping up my master's here in DC and will be moving back to the Bay Area come early June. Anyhoo, enough about me.

March is International Women's History Month and I'm just curious if anyone on list have anything planned to celebrate in regards to outreach events. We'll be having an edit-a-thon here in Washington, DC related to women in science! I'd love to see something taking place in San Francisco, of course, and have Wikimedians regardless of gender inspire one another to contribute to women's history coverage on any language and project.

Of course, outreach events that bring new users would be fabulous as well!

I'd like to provide support anyway I can, please let me know if you'd like assistance in making something wonderful happen in your area.

I'll be developing a page on Wiki to celebrate events, and it'd be wonderful to have events to fill it up with, of course! This could be as simple as having an edit-a-thon with friends at your house, to having a more structured event. I'd also love to see some outreach events that involve photographs of historical landmarks related to women's history.

I look forward to hearing from you, and feel free to forward this message to any appropriate people or parties!


Sarah Stierch
Wikimedia Foundation Community Fellow
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