Hello! Apologies if you see similar announcements–  we are hoping to reach as many interested folks as possible.


View it!—the tool that shows users images relevant to an article—has been expanded with a new FULL version, and the team invites you to our virtual launch event this week!


We invite you to install and try out the new full version of View it!. Based on feedback from testers and users, we have developed this new version View it!. The full version displays an on-wiki image carousel (that can be expanded for pagination) on each content page. In addition, clicking the “View” tab will open a full-screen gallery. Finally, the original version has been renamed “lite version” for users who only want the tab to link off to Toolforge rather than see images in their wiki content pages.


Please join Dominic Byrd-McDevitt (User:Dominic), Kevin Payravi (User:SuperHamster), and Jamie Flood (User:JamieF) on Thursday, January 12th at 1700 UTC/1200 ET to see the full version of View it! in action and discuss useful editor features we can add as the View it! grant winds down.  


Please consider installing the full version of View it! and feel free to leave feedback on comments on our talk page.


We look forward to seeing you and hope you’ll join us!

Thank you,

Dominic, Kevin, & Jamie