По приглашению немцев, зарегистрировался на Саммит как дополнительный эксперт от ВМРУ.
И башкиры, и немцы хотят вики-бабушку, а им всем нужен переводчик. Контекст объяснил Зуфар Салихов из Уфы.
* моя заполненная форма
* мой ответ немцам
* приглашение от немцев
С уважением,
-------- Пересылаемое сообщение --------
28.01.2020, 11:20, "WMSUMMIT20 Registration Form" <wmsummit@wikimedia.de>:

Dear Farkhad,

We would like to thank you for registering for the Wikimedia Summit 2020. Please find below a copy of the data that was provided by you in the registration form.

Furthermore, please read through the advice on next steps to follow for ensuring a trouble-free journey and stay in Berlin.



WMDE will arrange accommodation at Seminaris CampusHotel Berlin in a twin-bed room for you (unless indicated otherwise). If you have named a person you would like to share the twin-bed room with, we will try our best to fulfill your wish. Please note that due to cost efficiencies preference is given to those participants that have matching arrival and departure dates.

Travel booking

WMDE will assist you with your travel booking. According to the information given in the registration form, WMDE will send you a travel plan proposal (not a ticket yet!). Please make sure to confirm this travel plan within 24 hours. Only after your confirmation, your travel will be booked. We kindly ask you to not independently book any means of transport (plane, bus, train) without prior consultation with WMDE.

Please regularly check the Wikimedia Summit page for updates and further advice.

If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us!

We look forward to welcoming you in Berlin!

WMSummit Organizing Team
Wikimedia Deutschland

Copy of registration form


Personal information

Summit program

Train the Trainers post-event

Event attendance information

Group information

Accomodation information

Travel information


Protection of privacy

-------- Конец пересылаемого сообщения --------
Farhad Fatkullin - Фархад Фаткуллин http://sikzn.ru/ Тел.+79274158066 / skype:frhdkazan / Wikipedia:frhdkazan / Wikidata:Q34036417
28.01.2020, 11:25, "Фархад Фаткуллин / Farhad Fatkullin" <frhdkazan@gmail.com>:
Dear Cornelius,
Thank you for your personal invitation.
This is to confirm I will be able to travel to Berlin contribute to discussions as well as to interpret English<>Russian for Bashkir Wikimedians' representative (and possibly others willing to use my services) during the 2020 Summit, as was explained to me in the phonecall by Zufar Salikhov of UG BAK.
I understand that my participation might also contribute for an easier integration of Mr. Khabil Sakhabiev (UG TAT) into international discussions & sharing them with young Wikimedians back at home via Selet WikiSchool. This will also give me a chance to meet colleagues before I go into my heavy work season at home. I previously expressed my intention to skip Wikimania 2020, instead interpreting it for others into Russian live from home.
I filled the form as an extra Wikimedia Russia rep. in group 4. I requested overnight flights to/from Berlin as follows:
to: SU 1197 + SU 2684 arriving 9:00 
from: SU 6640 + SU 6595 departing 18:20
24.01.2020, 12:35, "Cornelius Kibelka" <cornelius.kibelka@wikimedia.de>:

Dear Farkhad,


From April 3 to 5, 2020, the Wikimedia Summit will take place in Berlin. The main purpose of this year’s Wikimedia Summit will be to start a new phase of the ongoing Movement Strategy Process: 


During these three days, we aim to transition from discussing the recommendations towards implementing them. At the Summit, we want to initiate this transition together in a collaborative manner, discuss the prioritization of the recommendations, and create a shared responsibility on who is going to implement which part of the proposed changes.


The Wikimedia Summit 2020 will bring together around 140 affiliates as well as the Wikimedia Foundation. To meaningfully contribute to these conversations and enrich the perspectives on how to implement the proposed recommendations, I would like to invite you to attend. It will be our pleasure to welcome you free of cost to this event. 


This invitation is based on your expertise of the movement, your unique contributions to it, and your rich perspective. We are hoping that by then, participants will be familiar with the content and context of movement strategy so we can best use our limited time together and dive deep into conversations around implementation. 


Please let us know by Wednesday, January 29, if you would be able to attend. If so, please register via our form [1], and use “Group 4” as the participant group.


Best regards


[1] https://forms.wikimedia.de/apps/wmsummit2020/form.html

Cornelius Kibelka
Internationale Beziehungen | International Relations
Vorstandsteam | Office of the ED

Wikimedia Deutschland e.V. | Tempelhofer Ufer 23-24 | 10963 Berlin
Tel. (030) 219 158 26-0
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