Hi everyone! (Important areas bolded for people who are TL;DR types[2])

You might remember my email last week[1] that asked for your review and participate in our ongoing reporting about data collection and evaluation in the movement. We appreciate everyone's participation so far, and we've made improvements already to the edit-a-thon page, including rounding up of data and a "just a numbers" section. 

A second page is now on meta, and ready for improvement and commenting.  It's the overview page, which provides information about:
A lot of questions that I've been asked about our reporting can be answered in this page. 

The challenge is still out - after you review this page and the edit-a-thon page, if you feel the work you or your chapter are doing is better than what we've been reporting - let me know!

You can visit this new page here:


Our next report we'll post will be about workshops. I'll send another email out about that soon. 

Happy evaluating!


[1] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Programs_talk:Evaluation_portal/Library/Edit-a-thons#Your_feedback_is_welcome.2C_and_can_you_do_better.3F
[2] https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/TL;DR

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