Hi everyone!

A few quick updates from the Program Evaluation & Design team:

  • August 1 (tomorrow) is the monthly WMF Metrics and Activities Meeting
    • Myself and Jaime Anstee (Program Evaluation Specialist) will be doing a 10 minute introduction presentation about PE&D. We'll talk briefly about our team mission, the Budapest workshop, and team goals for the year.
    • You can participate remotely. Learn more here: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Metrics_and_activities_meetings
  • Visit us on IRC. If you spend time on IRC you can stop by #wikimedia-ped. Usually one of us is on during work hours, so feel free to stop by, say hi, ask questions, and so forth. I get a little lonely hanging out with ChanServ all day... ;)
  • Meta updates are frequent! Check out the news page for updates.
  • First IRC Office Hours was held last week
    • We had a great turn out and we plan (post-Wikimania) to host an IRC office hours twice a month at different times so everyone can get a chance to participate. Thanks everyone who participated, it was great! You can review the archive here.
  • PE&D Team at Wikimania
    • We'll be hanging out at the Learning & Evaluation booth at the conference venue throughout the week. We're also hosting a Q&A session on Sunday during Lunch time. So be sure to stop by and say hi and learn about Program Evaluation and Design. 
  • Do you have a Program Evaluation story to share?
    • We're looking for stories to share about program evaluation for the Wikimedia Foundation blog. If you have been using PE&D in your program work send me an email and I'd love to interview you and celebrate your work. You can also write your own blog in your own native language, too.
Happy August, and for those of you traveling to Wikimania - travel safe - and for those of you who can't join the conference this year - we will eat lots of dim sum with you in mind. <3

Feel free to email me with any questions or needs!

In wikilove,


Sarah Stierch
Wikimedia Foundation Program Evaluation & Design Community Coordinator
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