Hello all!
At WMSE we have put together a blog post in English to announce the start of the collaboration in our region and outcomes from WikiNEM and what the next steps are https://wikimediasverige.wordpress.com/2018/11/06/the-regional-collaboration-for-wikimedia-in-northern-europe-has-started/. A link to Karens report is also included and these two resources make good communications to share (translate, copy, discuss) with local communities, we think.

I've also added a section for reports on the Documentation page for the Stockholm meeting, https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Northern_Europe_Meeting_2018/Documentation#Reports where you can list blog posts or messages you have shared about the meeting.


Med vänliga hälsningar, 
Sara Mörtsell

Sara Mörtsell | Education Manager, Wikimedia Sverige 
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