Hello fellow Wikimedians!

I wanted to invite you and your communities to participate in the second webinar in a series of two that the Wikimedia Foundation is hosting in collaboration with the International Science Council. This series examines the combatting of online disinformation around scientific issues and how the Wikimedia model can be a tool to share accurate scientific knowledge with the global community. 

This second webinarBuilding Special Projects on Wikipedia: The Covid Case Study, will take place on 30 March at 12:00 UTC. This webinar will be an intimate conversation with Wikimedian Dr. Netha Hussain and will explore how editors and researchers can mobilize to create content around special themes on Wikipedia, focusing on the Wikimedia community’s response to the COVID pandemic as a case study. You can register and find more information about these webinars at the link above. 

If you were unable to participate in the first webinar, Managing Knowledge Integrity on Information Platforms, a recording is now available here.

Please feel free to share this invitation widely within your communities and networks. 

Thank you!
Ricky Gaines (he/him)
Senior Human Rights Advocacy Manager
Wikimedia Foundation