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which is the day of programming for medical topics at the conference. I cannot say who might like to collaborate with you but by posting there, more people would see it.

Also, if you like, you could give a presentation at that medical event. It is a smaller group but people there might be more interested. 


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Dear Mr. or Ms.,

I have worked since 2016 about writing a comment to an excellent research journal about how to use WikiData in Medicine. After months of work, I found that there are many information to involve in such work and that a comment to a research journal cannot involve such detailed explanations. That is why I decided to do a Wikimania proposal about it. The link to this proposal is https://wikimania2017.wikimedia.org/wiki/Submissions/Using_WikiData_in_Medicine. However, I cannot do this without having one or two excellent collaborators who can ameliorate this proposal, write with me the proceedings paper and edit the presentation for the conference. This contributor can even present the work if my grant proposal is not accepted. So, I invite all the Wiki Project Med users who want to collaborate to the work to add their name as authors to the proposal and to adjust the Wikimania proposal. I will later contact them to discuss about what should be done after the adjustment of the Wikimania 2017 proposal.

Yours Sincerely,

Houcemeddine Turki

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