Dear Mr.,

I thank you for your answer. I added you as a coauthor to the work.

Yours Sincerely,

Houcemeddine Turki

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Cc : Tobias Schneider-Schönberg
Objet : Re: [Wiki-Medicine] Call for contributors to "Using WikiData in Medicine" Wikimania proposal
Dear all,

I'll be at Wikimania this year and would be happy to help with this
session in the main program (had already signed up for it anyway). Not
sure I can make it to the Wiki Med meetup, as it is parallel to the
hackathon, but if it's spatially close, I might pop in for some
sessions. Harej is also listed as a presenter and knows Wikidata well.

In terms of using Wikidata for finding things based on symptoms, I
would be interested in gathering a list of such query types and
exploring whether we could demo that functionality in some way. What
comes to mind here is Scholia, a tool that embeds a series of Wikidata
queries on a given topic into a HTML page, e.g. as per . While this is
focused on properties related to scholarly articles, it would be
straightforward to build something similar for diseases, drugs or

Thanks and cheers from #WMCon,

On Sat, Apr 1, 2017 at 11:15 PM, James Heilman <> wrote:
> Tobias is the most active wikidata person working on medicine related stuff.
> Tobias you able to make it to Wikimania this year for the medicine day on
> Aug 10th?
> J
> On Tuesday, March 28, 2017, abdelwaheb turki <>
> wrote:
>> Dear Mr. and Ms.,
>> I thank you for your answer. The project is simple. As WikiData is free
>> and is easily available to everyone. We can use it to solve several medical
>> and clinical matters that already exist in medical institutions. In fact,
>> several researches like "Daouas, F., Abdelaziz, A. B., Ajmi, T. N., &
>> Mtiraoui, A. (2002). Les attitudes professionnelles humaines des médecins de
>> la région sanitaire de Sousse (Tunisie). Santé publique, 14(2), 135-145."
>> have reported that physicians who generally learn Medicine in French or in
>> English have difficulties in communicating with their illiterate patients
>> and in explaining them their health situations because physicians do not
>> know the synonyms of the medical terms they need to use in the local
>> language like Tunisian, Afrikaans or Hausa... Effectively, limited
>> literature have been written to solve this problem. However, in WikiData,
>> you can find the synonym of each disease in such underresourced languages.
>> Moreover, physicians can forget the name of a disease or a drug as they
>> learnt thousands of them in their Medicine career. There is no literature
>> that can be used to find the name of a disease by only knowing its symptoms
>> for example. However, using a SPARQL Wikidata query, you can find the name
>> of a given disease in any language you want by just entering its symptoms,
>> its genetic association or the name of its drug... Furthermore, WikiData can
>> be used to verify if there is an interaction between two drugs, a genetic
>> association of a disease and a genetic marker of a microbe as shown in
>> several studies. This is an overview about how WikiData can be currently
>> used for Medicine. I ask about your opinion of these facts.
>> Yours Sincerely,
>> Houcemeddine Turki
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>> Objet : Re: [Wiki-Medicine] Call for contributors to "Using WikiData in
>> Medicine" Wikimania proposal
>> Dear Mr. Turki
>> Your proposal sounds interesting. If my scholarship is approved, I could
>> participate. Could you enlighten me more on the topic?
>> Regards
>> Diptanshu
>> Please do not print this e-mail unless you really need to.
>> On 28 March 2017 at 09:55, Nancy Gertrudiz <>
>> wrote:
>>> Dear Houcemeddine,
>>> I am very interesting in your proposal, I am already working in medical
>>> school in Mexico.
>>> Best regards,
>>> 2017-03-27 10:12 GMT-06:00 abdelwaheb turki <>:
>>>> Dear Mr. or Ms.,
>>>> I have worked since 2016 about writing a comment to an excellent
>>>> research journal about how to use WikiData in Medicine. After months of
>>>> work, I found that there are many information to involve in such work and
>>>> that a comment to a research journal cannot involve such detailed
>>>> explanations. That is why I decided to do a Wikimania proposal about it. The
>>>> link to this proposal is
>>>> However, I cannot do this without having one or two excellent collaborators
>>>> who can ameliorate this proposal, write with me the proceedings paper and
>>>> edit the presentation for the conference. This contributor can even present
>>>> the work if my grant proposal is not accepted. So, I invite all the Wiki
>>>> Project Med users who want to collaborate to the work to add their name as
>>>> authors to the proposal and to adjust the Wikimania proposal. I will later
>>>> contact them to discuss about what should be done after the adjustment of
>>>> the Wikimania 2017 proposal.
>>>> Yours Sincerely,
>>>> Houcemeddine Turki
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