Hi Everyone, 

The Community Resources team and the Let’s Connect Working Group are excited to announce the launch of the Peer Learning Program – Let’s Connect. It is a response to requests gathered during the Movement Strategy process and for building capacities through knowledge sharing amongst community members (peers) in a way that promotes collaboration and people-centeredness. 

Let's Connect is bringing you monthly learning clinics and one-on-one matches around various subjects in the Wikimedia movement. This program is carefully created with the involvement of community members scattered all over the various regions in the Wikimedia Movement. The programs can be based on both regional and cross-regional connections. 

Do you want to join? You can register to be a part of the “Let’s Connect” through this form. We will use this information to match you with others and invite you to learning clinics!

To reach out to anyone on the working group or the WMF concerning “Let’s Connect” kindly visit the Meta-Page or you can send an email to the Working Group at letsconnectteam@wikimedia.org 

We look forward to engaging with the wonderful Wikimedia movement and we thank our working group, WMF and Wikimedians across the world for making sure these programs come to life.

Thank You.


“Let’s Connect” Working Group.

[1] Registration Form
[2] Let's Connect Meta Page
[3] Let's Connect Diff Posts

Pavan Santhosh.