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From: Anastasiia Petrova <>
Date: Wed, Dec 16, 2020 at 9:31 PM
Subject: [Wikilovesearth] Meet Wiki Loves Earth 2020 international winners!
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Dear all,

The international Wiki Loves Earth team is happy to announce the winners of WLE 2020! We received more than 106k submissions from 34 countries all over the world. Local teams have chosen the best pictures of protected areas narrowing it down to 340 local winning photos that competed to get to the top-15. 

Meet the winners depicting unique nature heritage sites and their representatives in our blog post you have any feedback and thoughts about the winning pictures, please feel free to share!

We thank each participant, local organizer, as well as local and international jury members for your contribution and dedication to the contest. Together we are reaching WLE aims — raising public awareness about protected areas and creating the biggest database of free photos of them.

Do you want to discover more about WLE 2020, its organizing and jurying process, find out more about the authors of winning photos and hear their stories? Watch a livestream of the WLE 2020 award ceremony on December 20 at 11 am (UTC):

Follow our social media pages to stay updated, we'll be posting stories and facts about the winners:

Best regards,
Anastasiia Petrova
Project Manager for International Wiki Loves Earth 2020

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