A community is definitely in the best position to do a risk-assessment, so no comment on that. Good wishes for the proposal.

On another note, in the last couple of years we have widely explored remote events/online events like never before. New knowledge have been gained, and over-all it has been fantastic.

I believe we should continue to work on and strengthen this online program model as much as possible, even after the pandemic.

Currently, there is another thing to note in the Conference Grant model. Conference grant is a long process and a conference is generally conducted 5–6 months after the proposal. In an uncertain time (possible next wave etc) it is very difficult to plan things so early. I have read that this is noted in the proposal.

শুক্র, 1 অক্টো., 2021 9:41 PM তারিখে Davit Saroyan <> লিখেছেন:

Hi everyone,

The open call for Conference and Events Funds Round 2 2021/22 is over, and we have received a grant application from Brazil!

Here is the application link: WikiCon Brasil 2022. [1]

A few quick facts about this planned conference. It will be the first national conference for the Brazilian Wikimedia community, organized by Wiki Movement Brazil User Group. [2] The location will be São Paulo, Brazil; the event will take place in July 2022 with about 100 participants. The requested amount is 73,221 USD (380,750 BRL). 

Please feel free to review the grant proposal [1] and leave any feedback or questions on the discussion page [3] or under the endorsements [4] section. The community review period is open from September 27 to October 15.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at:

Thank you,

Davit and Tanveer






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