very sad news, thank you, Andy, for sharing this. a loss of any innocent life is sad, and loss of civilians to unjustified violence in any and all wars is horrible... and losing a fellow Wikimedian is especially painful -- i wish to read a book by her some day, for now i can only commemorate her in the wikiway by translating the article about her into Ukrainian:

(and then improving it, as more sources will appear)

З повагою / Best regards,
Wiki Loves Monuments Ukraine

Disclaimer: This letter is sent in my Wikimedia volunteer capacity, not as a Board member of Wikimedia Foundation

сб, 28 жовт. 2023 р. о 15:45 Andy Mabbett <> пише:
I just learned that a Wikimedian, Hiba Abu Nada, was one of the
casualties in Gaza. She was 32, and died on 20 October, during an

May the region soon be at peace.

Andy Mabbett
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