Hello all,

an informational addition: Wikimedia Deutschland also has a Mastodon instance since December 2022, you can follow us here: https://social.wikimedia.de/@wikimediaDE

We believe that organizations like Wikimedia can play an important role here and create a social space for people online. People with a wikimedia.de email address can sign up there and explore the Mastodon universe, so it is limited to all WMDE employees and the board and is our first experiment to gain more experience with this online space. It should help us to decide if we can and want to extend it to our communities and members.

So far, we have seen that there is quite a bit of interaction, especially substantive points such as our political demand "Public money? Public good!" are often shared and commented on and foster some interaction. We will continue to maintain this and are also interested in your experiences!

Greetings from Berlin!

Am Mi., 19. Juli 2023 um 09:27 Uhr schrieb Željko Blaće <zblace@mi2.hr>:
+1 Erik (all true and well said)
-1 David (probably before pandemic)

I do not see a reason why at least existing corporate social media
posts would not be mirrored?

Also (from the less positive glass is half empty perspective)...
as it took a year of 'evaluation' for WMF to do this,
it is strange these pages on instance are empty:

About:This information has not been made available on this server.
Server rules:This information has not been made available on this server.
Moderated servers:This information has not been made available on this server.

Warm regards!
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