Dear SJ,

Thank you very much for your questions here and on meta. We are working on answering them and will post the answers on meta (don't worry I will reply to this thread again when the answers are live so people can go and find them).

Best wishes,

On Tue, May 18, 2021 at 7:32 PM Samuel Klein <> wrote:
:)   Dimi, do you know of reports on subsets of this, for groups and projects in Europe?   I discovered to my delight a beautiful summary of WMF grants made up to 2020 -- thanks Guillaume! -- which partly answers the first question. But this does not include donations + external grant funding that directly supports affiliates.

One other point -- It was noted that 3a and 3d seem similar.  I updated these Qs on meta to be clearer.  I meant: 

 3a:  What groups do we envision making individual funding recommendations?  [timing, who decides, what constraints]
 3d:  How do we envision reviewing how things are going?   [peer feedback on budgets and plans, reflection on the overall balance of funding across the movement.]  

These inform one another, but are distinct.   And the first is more than just updating current processes: major gaps to fill include funding for projects under $500, and multi-year funding for infrastructure and projects -- among the most common requests. 


On Tue, May 18, 2021 at 6:52 AM Dimitar Parvanov Dimitrov <> wrote:
Hi Samuel,

Thanks for structuring these questions regarding funding and fundraising. I just wanted to pitch in a +1.

It would be very useful to have answers to some of these for our public facing work. Such questions pop up naturally in conversations and the more granular we can be in our answers the better the reaction we get.


На пн, 17.05.2021 г. в 21:13 ч. Samuel Klein <> написа:
Dear list, 

Risker posed an excellent question in the AffCom thread about
review and development of movement funding, which could use its own dedicated thread.  Riffing on the theme, here are a dozen questions for anyone who knows part of the answer -- particularly those who helped develop the 2019 recommendations on resource allocation , the 2020 approach to hubs and participatory resource allocation, and the grants strategy relaunch

We can move this discussion to meta if the thread becomes unwieldy
.  (: 

1. Current state of movement funding

 1a. Roughly what % of global fundraising is currently allocated to affiliates, or other entities + projects not run by the WMF?  (my poor guess)

 1b. Roughly how much regional fundraising goes directly to major affiliates?

 1c. Which affiliates with annual plan grants have been growing over time, and how is the expansion of existing budgets approved?  

 1d. Which affiliates have gotten their first APG in the past five years, and how has that developed over time? 

2. Current review process

 2a. How is funding by WMF of movement affiliates (general operations, and large specific projects) currently determined?  Does the Board engage with this?

 2b. Is the funding of affiliate work linked to goals of increasing equity across the world, and supporting underrepresented communities? If so, how / how is this visualized?

 2c. What other mechanisms for focusing and allocating resources are good examples to replicate? 

 2d. What other bilateral projects (such as joint projects, and grant  or microgrant programs), run by large affiliates and hubs other than the WMF, currently exist?  Which seem like examples to replicate?

3. Desired futures!
 3a. What movement bodies are expected to play any role in recommendations about funding (extending, withdrawing, denying funding) to new and existing affiliates, now that the FDC is inactive?

 3b. Is there a possibility of the FDC returning? How do past FDC members have about this? What was found to be good and bad about the FDC process?

 3c.  What elements of this is the global council expected to take up in its first year? What elements are hubs expected to take up, now and in the future?

 3d. What roles do we envision each of {WMF, hubs, affiliates, community members} to play in reviewing movement budgets/plans and the volume and focus of future funding [re]allocation?

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