May her soul rest in peace! Sad story. 

To all those who know her, please accept my deep condolences.

Warm regards,

On Sun, Oct 29, 2023, 3:53 AM Samuel Klein <> wrote:
What a loss...  It is terrible and terrifying indeed; and could be any of us.  We must do what we can to end this senseless destruction.   
And it seems especially within our remit to ensure that every community has access to knowledge and a way to share what they see and experience, even under the most terrible conditions of disaster, censorship, or war.
"Everyone has won their war, and you were left behind, naked, in your mud.  

None of Darwish's poems can return to the bereaved what they have lost. 

Dar Diwan has their reprinting of her novel on the main page carousel; could anyone reach them to ask about making (or helping make) an ebook?  We have a copy in my local library; I will see how I can help get it translated.  


I created Adam, a thought that beckoned me from vast distances of whiteness, before I discovered ink and bestowed upon him long lines of expression.  
When I wrote Adam, I became so immersed in him that I could not be anything else but him. Adam emerged in the soul of this novel from an old, forgotten 
sin, hidden behind the folds of dimensions, from the cover of a book sighing on the shelf of oblivion, from an imagined garden whose memory was erased,
leading it to think it was a plastic rose on the edge of a jacket, and from a line of black blood longer than Homer's Iliad and heavier than Sisyphus's boulder. 
Here, you will find yourself searching with Adam for a gelatinous murderer, living with his mother as she unravels the mysteries of love on a military uniform,
rushing with Aziz toward the light at the end of his dream's tunnel. You'll sate your hunger with those who set the tables of their souls on the outskirts of cities. 
You will shout with the masses, singing with them as if you discovered your own voice just a second ago.  

Beware, for you will fall in love and feel hope, and perhaps the final punctuation of the novel will not suffice, and maybe... what comes after "maybe" will!  
I have made the punctuation marks illusory and temporary here as I grant you, dear reader, the right to place your own marks, your questions and pauses,
your exclamation marks, your counterarguments, and your concluding full stop.  But before you read "Oxygen is not for the Dead", take in a dose of color;
for things are very gray inside.  Remove your heart and enter the events, for all the forthcoming imagination is very real indeed.

On Sat, Oct 28, 2023 at 8:04 PM attolippip <> wrote:
very sad news, thank you, Andy, for sharing this. a loss of any innocent life is sad, and loss of civilians to unjustified violence in any and all wars is horrible... and losing a fellow Wikimedian is especially painful -- i wish to read a book by her some day, for now i can only commemorate her in the wikiway by translating the article about her into Ukrainian:

(and then improving it, as more sources will appear)

З повагою / Best regards,
Wiki Loves Monuments Ukraine

Disclaimer: This letter is sent in my Wikimedia volunteer capacity, not as a Board member of Wikimedia Foundation

сб, 28 жовт. 2023 р. о 15:45 Andy Mabbett <> пише:
I just learned that a Wikimedian, Hiba Abu Nada, was one of the
casualties in Gaza. She was 32, and died on 20 October, during an

May the region soon be at peace.

Andy Mabbett
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