Dear Quim and all,

On Sun, Aug 21, 2022 at 12:18 AM Quim Gil <> wrote:

If anyone finds the report biased, it would be helpful to share the excerpts or the absences that prove this bias. We are happy to amend any mistakes, but for that we need to identify them.

I would start with the first sentence of the summary. This currently reads:

"The result of the community review is positive."

This is not a neutral summary of even the report's own content, which accurately describes sentiments as "mixed". The summary continues: 

"The goal of the MS Forum is: to improve community collaboration around Movement Strategy (MS) on a multilingual platform that is welcoming and easy to use. The participation and support received during the community review support the premise. Close to 300 people participated in the community review; many participants were from Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Many are contributors from medium-size and small Wikimedia projects."

We all know few people read Wikipedia articles from beginning to end. Most just scan the first couple of paragraphs. The same will apply to this page. 

The fact that none of the negative community feedback has made it into the Summary's first paragraph makes this report come across like an ideologically driven ad, designed to shape opinion rather than reflect it. 

So, revising the summary, starting with the first sentence, would be a good place to begin.