First, I am a candidate for the board of the Wikimedia Foundation. I have taken time to see what people say, not react immediately. 

For María to become a consultant, I am of two minds. She is probably best placed to support the implementation of the strategy as defined. With both the director and the chair of the board left in quick succession this will help make the roadmap practical. On the other hand, I do agree with Jan Bart and in addition it can be considered "ruling from the grave". Yes, the strategy is to be implemented but we have to be aware of our missing public.

This is the reason for my candidature; we have not developed other languages and we foster the false assumption that it is only communities that build our projects. The functionality that we have may be wonderfully localised but it is the software itself that does not truly support other languages. This is often because functionality is based on the demands of the biggest Wikipedias. It is easy to define user stories and show how a difference can be made. Everytime when this subject was broached, promises were made for the future. The numbers show that this bias is entrenched; compare the world population with the population that speaks English and it should be obvious that we have a gap that needs to be narrowed. Yes, there are easy and obvious things we can cheaply do. I want us to put a genuine effort, find a potential public, serve a new public and in this way build our communities.

On Sat, 26 Jun 2021 at 23:23, <aketon@wikimedia.org> wrote:
Hello all,

While this office hour will be attended by more than me, I want to be very clear what my intentions are, because I understand that some people may be concerned that I plan to show up to simply justify our decision. That’s not my goal at all. My intentions are to share perspectives, listen, and learn to inform the specific actions to take. Only after that will I make a decision about how best to proceed, in conversation and partnership with María, the other members of the Transition Team, and the Board. I am committed to making well-informed decisions that support the movement and my responsibility to it as quickly as possible.

It is obvious that despite our best intentions, the Board and Transition Team did not have all the relevant facts and circumstances in mind when this decision was made. This is a separate issue from whether or not a COI exists, which I plan for us to discuss together on Tuesday. I will take tangible steps to address these issues now that they have been brought to our attention. I want to make sure we do that with proper reflection, to avoid worsening those mistakes with poorly thought-out solutions. I would like to partner to repair this together, and grow stronger as a result.

I look forward to seeing many of you tomorrow for Movement Strategy conversations and then again to discuss these and other transition matters on Tuesday.

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