As a follow-up to my previous email, The Wikipedia Library team will be hosting Office Hours next week!

Time: 10th February, 1pm-2pm UTC (https://zonestamp.toolforge.org/1644498009)
Link: https://meet.google.com/ycm-rjos-oqc/

The Office Hours will be a chance for you to learn about how to get the most out of the library, ask us any questions that you might have, or request that we add certain content that’s of interest to you and your community. If there’s interest in future Office Hours we’d be happy to schedule more at another day/time.

Looking forward to seeing folks there,


On Thu, 27 Jan 2022 at 10:34, Sam Walton <swalton@wikimedia.org> wrote:
Hi all,

The issue of readers not being able to view links to library content is definitely one we're aware of. Ultimately we agree with Rebecca in believing this to be net-positive, in that Wikipedia can now summarise previously inaccessible information, but we absolutely do want to encourage editors to use open access sources wherever possible.

In the new search feature we included an Unpaywall integration which shows links to free-to-read versions of search results alongside the paywalled links wherever possible. This means that editors can choose to cite that version alongside or instead of the 'primary' URL where appropriate.

Additionally some library partners (e.g. Newspapers.com) have functionality by which editors can link to 'clippings' of the source which are free for readers to view. We've been encouraging other publishers to include such features and have even had a few conversations about the potential of making links from Wikipedia to paywalled resources free-to-read based on referring URL, though that's a much harder conversation!

Also worth noting we had a conversation about this back in 2015 and wrote a blog post on the topic you might find helpful: https://diff.wikimedia.org/2015/09/16/open-access-in-a-closed-world/


On Thu, 27 Jan 2022 at 04:48, Erik Moeller <eloquence@gmail.com> wrote:
On Wed, Jan 26, 2022 at 11:25 AM Samuel Klein <meta.sj@gmail.com> wrote:
>  --> collab w/ a free-content annotation + summarization service

Strong +1. Summarization of proprietary sources helps to further
broaden access to the facts stated therein (summarization of free
sources is, of course, useful as well!). I'm not aware of a general
wiki-style effort to summarize All The Things; if none exists, IMO
this could be a great initiative for Wikimedia itself to take up,
especially considering the need for summaries to be available in
multiple languages.

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Sam Walton
Product Manager, The Wikipedia Library

Sam Walton
Product Manager, The Wikipedia Library