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The number of editors geographically located in New Zealand can be found using Wikistats.[1] The information can be obtained in table format rather than map format, and can be viewed as those who made 5-99 edits/month and 100+ edits/month.

Underlying IP data is usually able to be country-specific, but (speaking as a long-time checkuser) it is nowhere near specific enough to reliably break down into regions within a country.  There could also be privacy concerns in releasing data on geographically quite small areas, and as far as I can see there is no data released on any countries (or any other regions) where there are fewer than 10 editors in an editing category. 

It may be possible to ask a bot writer to gather data on the number of edits to Wikiproject New Zealand pages for the wikis on which it exists, and it could also probably give you a list of editors who make x edits per year in that category; however, I see some pretty serious privacy concerns when you are asking for a breakdown of the locations of these specific, named editors. 

You may also want to consider whether you really want data based on "Wikiproject New Zealand" tagging, or Category:New Zealand (and all sub-category) data. There aren't a lot of projects that have such specific Wikiprojects, but there are quite a few more that categorize articles.

I don't write bots, but you might want to see who writes bots on English Wikipedia and contact the bot writers directly.  Many of them write bots that can work  cross-wiki.


[1] https://stats.wikimedia.org/#/en.wikipedia.org/contributing/active-editors-by-country/normal|map|2022-04-30~2022-05-01|(activity-level)~5..99-edits|monthly

On Sun, 29 May 2022 at 16:59, Heather Knox via Wikimedia-l <wikimedia-l@lists.wikimedia.org> wrote:
Kia ora from Aotearoa New Zealand,

The newly established User Group of Aotearoa New Zealand is interested in knowing more about the editing community within NZ, and those editors offshore who edit New Zealand pages/content. Is there any way of accessing data on the this to answer our questions (see below)?
Thanks in advance,

·         How many people in New Zealand regularly edit Wikipedia (say >100 edits in 12 months), and/or the regional distribution of these people within New Zealand

·         How many people in New Zealand are highly active contributors (say > 1000 edits in 12 months), and/or their regional location within New Zealand

·         How many Wikipedia editors (globally) regularly edit pages tagged with Wikiproject New Zealand (say >100 edits of WPNZ pages in 12 months) and where are they located

·         Who are the most active editors (globally of Wikipedia pages tagged with Wikiproject New Zealand, and where they are located (say > 1000 edits of WPNZ pages in 12 months),

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