On Mon, Jul 5, 2021 at 8:18 AM Fæ <faewik@gmail.com> wrote:

"What do you think about the Wikimedia Foundation using funds for
purposes not related to Wikimedia projects?"
- The WMF uses funds for all sorts of things unrelated to the specific
projects, for example, the Commercial paid-for API is an external
commercial service, it is not intended as a service to the projects
and the projects never asked for it. It's weird to have an 'official'
question that implies other stuff does not exist.

Just pitching in here since I originally wrote that question. In retrospect, it could have been more clear.

The question was not about structural costs, or any cost that cannot be attributed to a single project. I'm referring to things like awarding grants to organizations that are unrelated to Wikimedia projects for purposes that are also unrelated to Wikimedia projects.

During the Wikimedia Strategy 2030 process there were quite some discussions about doing this in the future. Also the Knowledge Equity Fund could fall into this category, although it's still early to say if it actually will.